Which allergy medicine is right for you?

Seasonal allergy treatments come in many forms—pills, liquids, nasal sprays, and eye drops.

No known medicine can cure allergies. However, allergy treatments can relieve the symptoms that make you miserable.
Your doctor can help you decide what treatment is right for you.


Blocking histamine—a chemical that is largely responsible for the misery of seasonal allergies—is a good way to provide rapid symptom relief. Antihistamines, however, do not address inflammation that occurs in the nasal passages as a result of allergy irritation.


Used to prevent and lessen the inflammation that comes with allergies, these widely available sprays do not block histamine.


By shrinking the blood vessels in your nose, this group of medicines can temporarily relieve congestion and stuffed sinuses.


These blockers treat symptoms by targeting one of the many chemicals involved in an allergic reaction.


After tests determine which triggers are causing an individual to suffer, regular shots can sometimes reduce the allergic response.

Prescription Dymista is the only medication that offers fast relief and inflammation control—with every dose. >>

Based on clinical study results, patients 12 and older may experience relief of nasal allergy symptoms within 30 minutes.

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